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5th District Congressional Candidates Square Off


Left to Right:  Scott Reske (D), Susan Brooks (R) and Chard Reid (L)

The candidates in the 5th District Congressional race are dueling over abortion, women's rights and access to healthcare.


Democrat Scott Reske says Republican Susan Brooks has flip-flopped on her statements about women's access to healthcare. Furthermore, Reske says he'll do a better job on women's rights issues. Reporter: "And you think you'd do a better job on women's rights than Susan Brooks would?" Reske: "Oh yeah, we've been very vocal about it. She's hidden from those issues. She won't respond to requests or comments on how she feels about equal pay for women. She's not responded to questions about exceptions for rape or incest and health of the mother and she has not responded to those issues."

However Brooks begs to differ. "I find that offensive, quite frankly," Brooks said Tuesday. "I absolutely believe in equal pay for equal work. I'm a pro life candidate who believes in the exceptions of life of the mother, rape and incest and I will be a strong advocate as I've been my whole career for women."

Brooks says if elected, she wants to target the national debt, reduce government spending, repeal the Affordable Care Act and create more jobs. Reske says he supports reducing the debt with a balanced budget amendment, protecting Social Security and Medicare and creating more jobs.

Meantime, Libertarian Chard Reid says he's the only candidate who understands the economy and what it'll take to get it back on track. Reid says he has a plan to balance the budget in two years. Reid adds that he also wants to focus on reforming the tax code and replacing it with a fair tax which will include incentives for business.


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