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Indy Public Safety Director Anticipating Grant Cuts


Troy Riggs ( file photo: Mike Corbin)

Indianapolis' new Public Safety Director Troy Riggs says regardless of who wins the presidency, the city is anticipating losing federal grant money. Riggs spoke out on his fourth day on the job as the city's top public safety official.


He says given the continued state of the economy, it appears the federal government will be making significant cuts in 2013. He says he won't be surprised if some of those cuts include millions of dollars in grants to public safety departments across the nation. This comes as Riggs says the city is seeing a slight uptick in crime and a shrinking police department.

While he says grant cuts aren't yet certain, he adds the city is hoping for the best yet preparing for the worse. He adds that he's already reviewing how the department can make it through the next couple of years without the grants, should word come down.


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