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CIB Appealing PILOT Bill


( photo: Mike Corbin)

The Capital Improvement Board is appealing what they say amounts to a $15 million, end-of-the-year tax bill.


President Ann Lathrop says they have questions about the $15 million PILOT or "Payment in Lieu of Taxes" that City-County County recently handed out. Lathrop says they're still not even sure about their 2013 budget. That's why they're appealing through the Marion County Assessor's office.

Lathrop says the money they do have is set aside are for future obligations. She adds that the CIB has $52 million in long term obligations that are coming due between 2017 and 2022. Lathrop says a $15 million pilot is not in their financial projections. This also comes as the CIB is facing a November 5th deadline to get its 2013 budget loaded online with the state. No word yet on how soon or quickly the assessor can respond to the appeal once it's filed.


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