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Testing Begins On New Edwardsport Coal Gasification Plant


Testing is underway on one of the world's newest and largest coal-gasification plants located in Knox County.

The new 630 mega-watt I-G-C-C power plant will convert coal into a synthetic gas that will be burned in a traditional turbine power plant to generate electricity.

Technical problems at the Edwardsport facility led to the in service date for the plant being pushed back to mid 2013. Regardless of the problems and some cost overruns, Kurt Phegley (fay'-glee), the District Manager for Duke Energy in Knox County, says testing and conditioning protocols are on schedule.  "we are testing one of the combustion turbines and that whole process."

It was revealed this week that the price tag on the plant will increase by another $174 million bringing the total cost of construction to $3.55 billion.  Duke officials have said the extra cost will not be passed onto it's ratepayers. The company will absorb the additional costs.


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