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Fishers Voters Consider 'City' Status


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Should the Town of Fishers reorganize and become a "modern city" with a mayor and city manager?

That's the big issue on the referendum for voters to decide on Election Day. Town Councilman Pete Peterson says the two basic questions involve whether Fishers and Fall Creek Township should merge into a modern city and should the Town of Fishers alone become a city. Peterson says depending on voters, Fishers could remain a town, reorganize into a "modern city" or become a "second class city" with an elected council and mayor.

Fishers' population is currently 80-thousand and growing fast. Peterson says the "modern city" status will create efficiencies. He says it'll eliminate Fall Creek Township in addition to its taxing authority. Peterson says eliminating that body would save upwards of $250,000. He adds that a modern city would also save $800,000 a year by moving the town's public safety officials from Social Security to another pension fund, the "77 Pension Plan."

Peterson says the reorganization would also allow Fishers to hire a trained city manager with council acting as a board of directors and appointing a figure-head type mayor post. Fishers has been dealing with quick and steady growth and officials have said for years that a "modern city" designation will help accommodate growth while also maintaining balance of power and minimizing corruption.


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