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Study Shows Flu Shot Might Be Good For Hearts


A Canadian study suggests that getting a flu shot might be good for your heart. The study, which hasn't been through the peer review process, found that people who got the flu shot were 40% less likely to die from a heart attack, than those who skipped out on the vaccine. 

I.U. Health cardiologist Doctor Yazid Fadl says there could be some good reasons the study showed the benefits of the flu shot, but it may not have to do with the shot itself. Fadl says people who would seek out a flu shot would probably be more health conscious, which would mean that they are more likely to lead healthier lifestyles. Fadl says the physical benefit may come from the stress burden that the flu can put on your body. 

Fewer instances of flu, could also mean less stress on the body, which means a healthier heart. Fadl recommends talking to your doctor about the flu shot before you decide whether to get one.


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