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Regardless Of Who Wins, National Security Will Still Be An Issue

Experts Discuss Global Strategy


Regardless of who wins the 2012 presidential race, U-S national security will have to be addressed, but what are policy experts keeping an eye on?

Victor Davis Hanson is a professor at Cal-State and Stanford, he believes countries, like Egypt, need to send a message to the world about a different government that was overthrown with Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

Hanson says Egypt could benefit from a secular government, that has free and fair elections, and commitment to civil rights. Instead though, Hanson says the Egyptian government we've seen since Mubarak's overthrow, hasn't been much different. Then there are countries that are rebuilding, as war continues.

Doctor Jamsheed Chocksy is an I-U professor who thinks the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan may have an ax to grind with the U.S. after hundreds of drone strikes have crippled some parts of those countries.

Chocksy says the next administration needs to take an attitude that extends beyond military action, into rebuilding.


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