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Pence, Gregg Wrap Up Campaign For Governor

Last minute stump for votes before they are counted


Mike Pence at his very last campaign appearance at Indy's MacArthur Elementary School ( photo: Ray Steele)

You might think it would be difficult to stop after you have been campaigning constantly for the last 18 months.  But the candidates for governor of Indiana both sound as if they are ready to take a break, though they hope it is only a brief one before their inauguration.

Listen to Ray Steele's report for Indy's Afternoon News:

Democrat John Gregg began the day in his hometown of Sandborn, then moved on to Vincennes, where he was once the university's president. Gregg was still stumping for last minute votes, particularly from independents and the people he termed "Lugar Republicans," those who may not be happy with the G-O-P after the longtime U-S Senator was voted out during the primary. "I've greeted three people here who came and said they were Republicans and they were gonna vote for me so, see you don't know," said Gregg.

Republican Mike Pence began his day at his hometown polling station in Clifford. He later made a handful of appearances at other polling places, the final one at MacArthur Elementary School on the Southside of Indianapolis. Pence didn't talk about his opponent, instead saying he was grateful for "the outpouring of support we've seen over the last year-and-a-half, to have people all over the state encouraging us on, volunteering their time is just deeply humbling." Regardless of the outcome, Pence says he feels humbled because his 18-year-old daughter, Audrey, cast the first vote of her life for him this morning.

Most pre-election polls showed Pence in the lead, though the gap seems to have narrowed in recent weeks.



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