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County Clerks Reveal High Voter Turnout


Early voters wait in line Monday at the City-County Building downtown. ( photo by Mike Corbin)

Voters turned out in large numbers across Indiana for the Presidential election.County clerks says voter turnout was quite high, but in many counties not as high as 2008.

A sampling of voter turnout in several counties tells the story. Marion County had 56% compared to 54% in 2008. Hamilton County saw 69% compared to 74% in 2008. Johnson County saw roughly 60% voter turnout compared to 64% in 2008. St. Joseph County hovered around 53-56% for both this presidential election and in 2008. Clerks in Hamilton, Johnson, and Marion Counties say early voting made a big difference in this election.

Johnson County Clerk Susie Misiniec says voting centers that were put into operation before Election Day made voting more accessible to residents there. Most counties reveal that voters were engaged.


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