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Fishers Planning For City Change


(Photo courtesy Fishers)

Town of Fishers officials say they've still got time to plan for the new City of Fishers.

CityYes President Doug Allman says the race for the newly create mayor position could happen in 2014, during the 2015 municipal election or Fishers could have a special election. Allman says given the time it'll take to switch from town to city status, the election is likely to happen in 2015. On election night, Fishers voters approved a move to switch from a town to city. That means they'll elect a mayor in addition to city councillors.

Allman says Fishers needs a mayor to serve as a figurehead and symbol of the city. He says the mayor will be the point person for problem solving. Meantime, Fishers Town Council President Scott Faultless says the position will cost Fishers more money. Faultless says he hasn't yet heard of anyone who may seek the job.


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