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IPL Crews Helping Storm Ravaged Areas Heading to New York

Group Spent Six Days in West Virginia


(Photo courtesy IPL)

An Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL) crew of 22 men continues to help restore power on the east coast. Section Leader Tim Pavey says the crew was in West Virginia for six days and worked on the side of a mountain in 2-3 feet of snow. Pavey says it took 14 hours to get to Allentown, Pennsylvania where they stayed the night before heading to WestChester County New York earlier this week.

Pavey says they're sleeping in heated tents in Yonkers, but they were kicked out of the tent Wednesday night due to the Nor'easter. He says they were bused two hours to a Girl Scout camp and slept there, but they had to wake up an hour early to get back to the tent camp for breakfast.

Pavey says they'll continue to work 16 hour days till they're told to come back home.


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