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It's No Mission To Mars, But...

Scientists "Find" Superman's Home Planet


Science and Science Fiction have worked in tandem since H.G. Wells started researching and writing.

Now science is offering up a home for Superman.

Krypton has been "discovered" after scientists set forward, trying to find a planet, in our galactic neighborhood, that might possibly support life that also circles a red star.

Brian Murphy with the Holcomb Observatory at Butler University says comic writers and scientists agreed that 27 light years away, a planet revolving around a red dwarf star exists.

As it will supposedly turn out in the comic, Superman is coincidentally 27 years old. It's probably a good thing Superman moved out when he did, though.

The Krypton scientists found is far enough from its nearest star, that the average daytime temperature would be about 170-degrees below-zero. Famed scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who helped find the planet, has a cameo appearance in the comic.


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