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House Dems Pick Scott Pelath To Lead

Linda Lawson Becomes Floor Leader


Election Day is over for House Democrats who picked their new leader.

Scott Pelath from Michigan City will take over the job of House Minority Leader for Linda Lawson who, had a short lived tenure after unseating Pat Bauer in late July.

Lawson will now take over as Pelath's floor leader. House Dems were whittled down to 31 members after Tuesday's election, handing the Republicans a super majority.

Pelath acknowledges the path ahead as a challenging one, but he thinks progress can be made at retaking the House in the next couple of election cycles, and he is using some victories in Marion County as a template.

Karlee Macer and Justin Moed are the newest members of the caucus. Pelath was first elected in 1998.


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