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Colts And Pacers In The Recovery Game Plan

Donating To Red Cross Effort For Southside Victims


The Colts and the Pacers are jump-starting the Red Cross assistance effort for southside explosion victims.  Each is making a donation of $10,000.

"We're both members of this community," said Colts C.O.O Pete Ward.  "And when something like this happens, both organizations generally step up."

And both are encouraging fans to give as well.  

“Colts fans are Pacers fans and Pacers fans are Colts fans,” said Colts owner Jim Irsay. “Both Herb and I share a deep love of our community and we thought it was appropriate and the right thing to do.”

“I have great respect for Jim and consider him a great friend,” said Pacers owner Herb Simon. “When we see our fellow citizens in need, we need to step up.”


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