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St. Vincent's Heart Program Reaches Charity Milestone


( photo: Mike Wilson)

Peyton Manning Children's hospital is celebrating a lot of charitable surgeries.


Twelve years after repairing the heart of a little boy from Kosovo, the Children's Heart Center at St Vincent has reached a big milestone.

Dr. Simon Abraham has just completed the 100th and 101st heart surgery as part of the program. Two Mongolian children were flown in, with their parents, to stay with host families while the children underwent surgery.

Abraham says the children around the globe have had a wide range of heart conditions, but in order for kids to be eligible, one surgery has yield life changing results for the patient. In other words, a "median range" level of difficulty that adds years to kids lives, and vastly improves the life of the patient, in one surgery.

St. Vincent works with a program called Samaritan's Purse, a non profit that has helped screen and arrange travel for children from 13 countries for the children's hospital.


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