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Mother Touts Indiana's Lifeline Law


Dawn Finbloom ( photo by Reed Parker)

A mother who recently lost her son to binge drinking is touting Indiana's new "Lifeline Law." 


Carmel teen Brett Finbloom died in August after binge drinking with friends, and his mother Dawn Finbloom is sending a message to other teens. Finbloom says the "Lifeline Law" allows teens who call 911 and help law enforcement when one of their friends has had too much to drink will be immune from getting into trouble.

State Senator Jim Merritt the immunity covers not just the caller, but all those who cooperate with authorities. Merritt says 39 other states have similar laws. The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers will be passing out fliers at package stores across the state during the holiday season.

The flier explains that it's illegal to provide alcohol to a person under 21, with a fine up to $1,000 and possibly 180 days in jail.


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