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WWE Superstars; The World's Toughest Philanthropists

Wrestlers help Gleaners Food Bank in advance of Sunday's "Survivor Series" at Bankers Life Fieldhouse


WWE Superstar David Otunga fills bags at Gleaners Food Bank (photo courtesy of Gleaners Food Bank)

Most professional wrestlers are well-traveled, and those who compete for the top wrestling organization in the world are no exception.  But the superstars of WWE give more to the communities they visit than simply a chance for fans to watch them beat each other up.

Listen to Ray Steele's interview with WWE Superstar David Otunga:

"That's one of the things we really pride ourselves in," said David Otunga, Harvard Law School graduate-turned-WWE Superstar.  Otunga joined other superstars at Gleaners Food Bank on Saturday, helping to fill food bags that will be given to those in need.

Other superstars visited kids being treated at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, and a surprise visit to a school to promote literacy is also on the schedule.  It's something the WWE does before putting on shows in virtually every city they visit - the annual "Survivor Series" pay-per-view show is Sunday night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The work outside the squared-circle is especially important to Otunga, who is an ambassdor for the WWE's anti-bullying campaign "Be A Star."  Though he now has a Herculean physique, Otunga speaks from experience when talking to kids about bullying.  "Imagine being the smart kid - I was labeled the nerd," said Otunga, "I had glasses, I was short, I was chubby and I used to get picked on all the time.  But I perservered, and I had a really good teacher who was a friend and helped me through that time, and it made me a stronger person."

Sunday night, the WWE Superstars will do their best to lay the smack down, as The Rock says.  The wrestlers and the organization  are just as proud of their hand up to society as they are of their wristlocks and vertical suplexes.



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