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Colts Hope to Bounce Back Against the Bills


(photo courtesy Indianapolis Colts)

The Colts are not dwelling on the drubbing they took at the hands of the Patriots last week, players say they hope to learn from their mistakes and try to not lose two in a row for the first time this season.


Coach Bruce Arians says preparation does not change win or lose, he says they have to stay consistent and work on the gameplan.  Quarterback Andrew Luck says games this late in the season have a different feel. "Obviously this is a new experience for me, everything about this year, but it does seem to be that way. The way the veterans talk about it, the feeling around the building you get a sense that the games mean that much more."

Coach Bruce Arians says the team needs to take advantage of being at home and says the "12th man" needs to be outstanding like they always are. Arians says he's not sure if Coach Chuck Pagano will be at the game versus the Bills since he's taking a drug that gave him headaches in the past, but added that Pagano is feeling and looking better.


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