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Holidays Can Be Busy For Hospital ERs


Hospital emergency room doctors say Thanksgiving and Black Friday are known for victims of car crashes, cooking injuries and overindulgence.


IU Health Dr. Jeff Harvey says he's working Thanksgiving and says he won't be surprised to see people come in for motor vehicle accidents and food borne illnesses. Harvey says the ER tends to be slow, but adds that when folks do visit the ER, they tend to be quite ill.

St. Vincent Hospital ER Dr. Louis Profeta won't be working either day, but says Thanksgiving night is one of the worst nights to work ER. Profeta says they tend to see elderly patients, diabetics and heart patients who've eaten way to much in addition to accident victims. Profeta says it's also fairly common to see people who are depressed because they're alone on the holidays. Dr. Profeta says it comes with the gig of working ER.


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