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Hoosiers Give Mixed Reviews On Early Black Friday


( file photo: Mike Wilson)

It's an early Black Friday this year. Numerous retailers including Walmart and Target are opening their doors early -- Thanksgiving night.


It's a move that's getting mixed reviews. Black belt shoppers are taking to Black Friday, but many Hoosiers say it's almost a sacrilege. You can count Elect Star among them. She says she thinks it pulls people away from important things like family, spending time together and giving thanks. Star says it causes people to focus on materialism, greed, aggressive behavior and does more harm than good.

Stephanie Grindstaff says she understands the economy and retailers' need to make money, but says she's not sure she'd want to go shopping on a full Thanksgiving belly. Some say they like the idea of shopping at night compared to the wee hours of Black Friday ... but again, those full Thanksgiving bellies make that a challenge.


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