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Smash And Grab In Mall Parking Lot

Runners for charity were the victims.


Windows in about 20 cars were smashed on Thanksgiving Day on the north side by thieves who stole credit cards, wallets, purses, cell phones and other goods. 


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police believe most of the vehicles had been parked in the Glendale Mall parking lot by runners participating in the annual Drumstick Dash--a fund-raiser for the Wheeler Mission.

But the thieves may already have left a trail that could lead to their capture.  "We understand that they have already used some of the credit cards," said Officer Michael Hewitt.  "They used those pretty quickly."

He said detectives will check security video at the stores where the cards appeared.  

One of the cars belongs to an off duty Illinois State Trooper.  His gun, badge and cell phone were taken.


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