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State Police Give Theft Prevention Tips


Indiana State Police say 'tis the season for a bump up in crime.


Capt. Dave Bursten says crooks are on close watch for ways to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers at malls. Bursten says parking lots tend to be hotspots for crooks who are looking for folks who lock valuables in their trunks. He says once people leave, suspects can often quickly break in and snatch items. Bursten says it's best to take items with you or return home and leave them there. He says shoppers should try to park in well-lit areas that are close to store entrances.

Bursten says it's also a time when folks should be more careful at home as well. He says home burglaries tend to happen during the day when suspects believe no one is at home. Bursten says residents should always be on watch for suspicious vehicles in their neighborhoods and try to safely get identifying information about anything or anyone who raises suspicion.


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