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Watch Out For Deer In The Roads

State Police: Vehicle vs. deer crashes always jump this time of year


They aren't Santa's reindeer, but a Hoosier deer can do just as much damage to your car if you hit one.

Listen to Ray Steele's interview with State Police Sgt. Tony Slocum

Sgt. Tony Slocum with Indiana State Police says car collisions with deer always jump this time of year. "It's just a necessary evil living in Indiana.  Unfortunately, many property and personal injury crashes do occur as the deer migrate from the fields and woods and run across Indiana roadways as the deer migrate from fields and woods." He also says a vehicle crash is often caused by a deer even if there is no collision, as drivers swerve off the road or into oncoming traffic in an effort to avoid a deer in the road.

While most deer-vehicle crashes happen in rural areas, Slocum says more deer are showing up in suburbs as those suburbs extend farther out from cities.

If you see a deer in the road and avoid hitting it, there's probably at least one or two more you should look for. Slocum says deer often migrate in small groups, and many drivers don't see other deer in the area while trying to avoid striking one.

If your vehicle does strike a deer, Slocum says you should stay in your vehicle until police arrive if it is safe to do so. He says if the deer is hurt and not dead, it could panic and attack a person if it is approached. Slocum says state law requires you to obtain a crash report from police if a collision with a deer results in at least $1,000 in damage.



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