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Deer Issue to be Addressed in Bloomington


Bloomington could be closer in finding a solution to a long-discussed problem. 


The Bloomington City Council recently gave an initial okay to a controversial plan that could include hunting deer in the city to reduce their population.  Excessive deer grazing, property damage and deer-vehicle collisions are problems for many local residents.   An 11-member deer task force voted this fall to adopt a nearly 200-page document detailing its two-year research and its recommendations for dealing with increasing numbers of urban deer. 

The idea of a dull-cull has generated much debate, but it hasn't been the only option.  Other recommendations included non-lethal techniques, like allowing citizens to build higher, slanted fences to keep the deer from getting into their yards easily. It would also fine people for feeding deer and encourage people to plant plants in their yards the deer don't like or that actually keep deer away. 

The council committee is scheduled to take up the recommendations in front of the full council on Wednesday.  If it's approved, it will be forwarded to the mayor for his approval and then the work begins.


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