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Food Bank CEO Sizes Up NJ Mayor's Food Stamp Challenge


Booker posted a photo of the food he purchased for the week on his Twitter account.

Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker has accepted a Twitter challenge to live on a food stamp budget for a week. It comes out to about $4 a day. Gleaners Food Bank CEO Cindy Hubert says Indiana residents would receive a bit less per month.

Hubert says anyone on food stamps has to be smart buying food. She says to get a lot of beans, rice, and other low cost items that hopefully are filling. Hubert says they see an increase in the third week of each month because people just run out of money. She says they push fresh produce and meat on needy families because of the nutritional value and the high cost of the items.

She says tales of fraud are often heard, but it's a miniscule portion that don't use food stamps properly.


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