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Two Indiana Doctors Temporarily Lose Licenses

Attorney General: "Dangerous Prescribing Practices"


Dr. William Hedrick (Photo courtesy Centers for Pain Relief)

A state board temporarily suspended the medical licenses of two Indiana doctors.


The board determined that Doctor William Hedrick with the Centers for Pain Relief in Northern Indiana had "dangerous and inappropriate prescribing practices."

Gabrielle Owens, a Deputy Director in the Indiana Attorney General's Office, says Hedrick prescribed controlled substances that led to the death of some patients, but couldn't go into further details.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General's office says Doctor Lea Marlow from the Clark County Wellness Center prescribed about 8,000 medications to about 3,500 patients in the last year. 95 percent of those prescriptions were either Oxycontin or Diazepam. 

Both Marlow and Hedrick will lose their practicing privileges until January 24th, the next hearing date for the state's medical licensing board.


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