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Rush Formally Sworn in As Newest Indiana Supreme Court Justice


Indiana Supreme Court Justice Loretta Rush (left), flanked by her husband Jim, takes the oath of office from Governor Mitch Daniels (right). (Photo courtesy Indiana Supreme Court)

Indiana's newest Supreme Court justice has been publicly sworn in.

Loretta Rush had already been sworn in privately, but took the oath from Governor Daniels before a packed courtroom including four of her predecessors on the Court: Randall Shepard, Theodore Boehm, Myra Selby, and the justice she replaces, Frank Sullivan.

Rush served as Tippecanoe County's juvenile court judge for 14 years, and says her experience there has prepared her for the Supreme Court in multiple ways. Not only did that court deal with all facets of criminal and civil law, but Rush says she's brought with her to her new chambers a collage of hundreds of photos of children who appeared before her there. The photos were previously on her desk in her Lafayette court -- Rush says it's a reminder of the human impact of judges' work.

Rush is the third new justice Daniels has appointed in two years, after an unprecedented 11-year period with no departures from the Court.

Rush's official portrait was unveiled by Selby, the only other woman to serve on the Court. Rush says she plans to serve as long as she's able, and hopes to see the day when a woman's appointment is unremarkable.


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