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Russian Ban on Adoption Disappoints Local Agencies


Indiana adoption agencies who work with international cases are disappointed with a new law in Russia that bans the adoption of Russian children by American families.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the legislation Friday in what many are calling a retaliation to U.S. human rights laws.

Sharon Pierce, President and C-E-O of The Villages of Indiana, Inc. says the law places children in the middle of a political dialog without considering their future. "The tragedy in all this is that it's not child-focused at all, in fact quite the opposite. It's going to provide a very negative impact on children," says Pierce.

Officials estimate there are over 700-thousand children in Russia living in orphanages or situations without parents. "It's placing children in a political dialog and really impacting their future," Pierce says. "We know that there are already children who have met American families and probably are anticipating being a part of those families and that's not going to be possible."

Pierce says there are now families who are devastated with the loss of a child they had met and thought was going to be a part of their family. "There's got to be a very high level of pain and anxiety and sadness, of loss really, just as anyone who might be expecting and loses that baby feels."

Pierce says the best course of action now is to contact U.S. legislators. "We would want to be verbalizing our concerns to our state department, you know, and our senators and our representatives so that they realize the impact on real families her in Indiana," says Pierce. She says those families who had pending adoptions should also stay focused on providing a forever home for children in need and hope that soon the law is reversed.


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