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Fire Officials Say to Keep Hydrants Clear of Snow


Fire officials are reminding folks to keep their fire hydrants clear of snow.


Homeowners and business owners are being asked to make sure any nearby fire hydrants are clear of snow and debris to make it easier for firefighters to access them if needed.  IFD Captain Rita Burris says firefighters need to be able to see fire hydrants right away.  She says hydrants need to remain clear at the connection points for the hoses and at the top so firefighters can open up the stem.

Early Monday morning, Wayne Township firefighters had to remove snow around a hydrant while battling a fire.  While they say that did not hinder operations for that fire, Burris says it's ideal to keep about three feet of space open all around the hydrants so the fire hoses have enough room to expand.

Burris adds they haven't had any issues with frozen hydrants thus far but says they have a partnership with Citizens Water to have utility workers on the scene for every fire to deal with any hydrant issues.


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