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Colts Hope Familiarity Breeds Victory Against Ravens

Pagano was Baltimore's defensive coordinator before taking Indy job


Chuck Pagano

The Colts will find a familiar opponent waiting in their opening playoff game.

In both the Colts' Super Bowl seasons in Indianapolis, they beat the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs on their way there. And coach Chuck Pagano came to the Colts after serving on John Harbaugh's Ravens coaching staff for four years, ending up as the Ravens' defensive coordinator.

Pagano says he expects to be able to spot things that aren't readily apparent on Ravens' game film, based on his familiarity with their system. He concedes he may do more work than his doctors might like, meeting with players to point out information beneath the surface.

Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians held the same position with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Ravens' divisional rival, and will have four years of experience preparing to face Baltimore's defense twice a year.

And Pagano thinks the NFL's schedulers did the Colts a favor by keeping them in their routine. Kickoff is at 1 p-m Sunday -- the same as all but one regular-season game.


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