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Doctor Warns About Alcohol Related Crashes


Officials at the IU/Wishard Trauma Center are sending out warning about alcohol related crashes in Indiana.

The latest figures show that nearly half of all trauma deaths and non-fatal injuries nationwide are due to alcohol-related accidents. Figures also show that more than three million people are hospitalized and 37 million seek out emergency treatment due to accidents. Nearly 11-thousand people died in alcohol-related traffic crashes in 2009.

Dr. Charles Miramonti heads up Indianapolis EMS. Miramonti says in the past dozen or so years, incidents of drinking and driving don't appear to have declined. Miramonti says that's why they continue to press forward with public education. Officials says each year, the IU/Wishard Trauma Center treats more than 2,000 trauma patients. It remains one of only two adult Level I trauma centers in Indiana.


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