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Hoosiers Speak Out On Payroll Tax Hike


Early results from the fiscal cliff legislation has Hoosiers talking about how they'll be impacted.


Payroll taxes are expected to rise for nearly 80-percent of all Americans. This follows elimination of the payroll tax cut. U.S. lawmakers opted to allow the cut to remain in expiration. Analysts say that means payroll taxes are rising from 4.2% to 6.2%. That means a drop in disposable income to the tune of nearly $120 billion nationwide.

Some Indiana residents say they'll barely notice a two percent rise while others say they're very disappointed and may have to trim their personal budgets. Some say things like eating out for lunch everyday and cafe lattes may have to go while others say take-out coffee is a daily staple they refuse to give up. Some say discretionary spending is keeping the economy afloat.


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