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Tablets vs. Toys: Who Won This Holiday Season?


The latest figures show top toymakers lost major ground to tablets this past Christmas.


Dave Arland the Gadget Guy says Hasbro, Mattel and Lego are seeing profit losses because more and more kids want tablets.  Arland says some toymakers saw double-digit declines in revenue thanks to tablets and small devices demanded by kids.  Arland says the continued creation of apps for kids and our mobile society are also fueling the trend. 

Arland says tablets have become all-purpose entertainment devices that appeal to everyone including kids.  He says some toymakers like Lego are trying to capitalize on the trend by creating more computerized toys that engage children.  Despite that, toys remain a multi-billion dollar industry, but electronic gadgets appear to be eating into it.

Arland, like many analysts, agrees that tablets and hand-held devices are clearly here to stay.  He adds they are often positive devices that teach kids coordination, motor skills and simply keep kids entertained. 

In short, Arland says they're not going away and toymakers will have to adapt.


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