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AAA Predicting Lower Gas Prices In 2013


A new AAA report says gas prices will be lower this year compared to 2012.


They're anticipating the national average price for gas should peak at about $3.80 a gallon. Hoosier Motor Club Spokesman Greg Seiter says that's barring any unforeseen circumstances that could impact oil prices. In 2012, the national average reached $3.94 a gallon.

Gas prices are expected to rise during April and May, but not as quickly as they did in 2012. Seiter says the overall demand for petroleum is down and they expect it to remain that way. He adds that the price of crude oil has remained stable and the sluggish economy is also working out better for gas prices.

Seiter says any unrest in the Middle East, hurricanes, pipeline disruptions or refinery fires all have the potential to affect gas prices. All of those factors played roles in raising prices in 2012.


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