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Pence Ready To Take Office


Governor-elect Mike Pence is looking ahead as he readies to take the helm of the state.


Pence's slogan for months has been: Job creation is job number one, and he's sticking with it as he takes office. Pence says he wants to keep the momentum of the last 8 years by honestly balancing the state's budget, funding state priorities, and maintaining the state's reserves that give the state a strong balance sheet.

But Pence also says he wants to seize the moment of having the state's largest surplus in history to promote policies that will encourage more investment by Indiana businesses in ways that will create jobs. Despite opposition to his tax cut propsal from some legislators, Pence says he will propose a 10-percent cut in the marginal income tax. The former U.S. Congressman says the tax cut would put money in Hoosiers' pockets, and will be the most effective way to lower taxes on job creators.

Pence says he's looking forward to discussing his tax cut proposal with lawmakers once he takes office. Pence will be sworn in as Indiana's 50th Governor at 11am Monday.


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