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Flu Heavy in Some Indiana Counties, Light in Others


Across the state there are some very different pictures of the flu.

Evansville, in Vanderburgh County, is in the midst of one of the worst flu seasons in the last several years. Denise Cory, the head of the county health department's communicable diseases division says, "We are having increased reports of influenza like illness in children attending our public schools, and increased flu activity with influenza related visits to our emergency room."

Further north, it's another story. Beth Burkhardt, a registered nurse with the Hancock County Health Department, says there is no shortage of people with flu-like symptoms. She says, " We are seeing, probably just as much, upper respiratory symptoms that are very similar to influenza, they're going in probably thinking they have influenza, but they're actually swabbing negative."

Just Tuesday, hospitals in Vanderburgh County started to restrict visitors to protect some of the more vulnerable patients at the hospital, who may die if exposed to the flu. Both health departments say it isn't too late to get the flu shot, though availability isn't what it was even a month ago.


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