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PR Expert Says Lance Armstrong's Brand Can't Be Rehabilitated


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An Indianapolis sports marketing expert says Lance Armstrong has a long road ahead of him.


Ken Ungar with U.S. Sports Advisors says because of the two-night interview with Oprah Winfrey, Armstrong's brand can't be rehabilitated, but instead has to be rebuilt.  He says Armstrong has the worst of both worlds because of potential legal liabilities from people he has sued in the past and the apparent lack of empathy during the interview.  

Ungar says the two-night Oprah interview was a bad move in the era of social media.  He says he would have advised Armstrong to do a traditional press conference and answer all of the tough questions the media had to offer and be done with it.  Ungar says with the two-night interview, people would be angry with Armstrong for at least 48 hours.

Ungar says Armstrong needs to show the public that he plans to do something to show remorse and make amends for what he did.  He says Armstrong also needs to understand that rebuilding his brand won't happen overnight.


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