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Police: Suspect Tried to Run Over State Trooper


State Police say a man is in custody after attempting to run over an Indiana State Trooper early Saturday morning.

Shortly before 1 a.m. Trooper Aaron Edwards attempted to pull over a pick-up truck seen driving without headlights near Connersville. The pickup refused to stop and took off at a high rate of speed west out of Connersville on SR44, according to a release from State Police Public Information and Recruiting Officer John Bowling.

"Connersville City Police joined in with Edwards following and attempting to stop the truck. After turning south from SR44 the vehicle ended up on Columbia Rd. where it drove into a field and hit a tree. As Trooper Edwards got out and approached to check on the suspect’s welfare, the suspect got the truck moving and attempted to run over Trooper Edwards," Bowling said.

Edwards was able to avoid being struck and fired at the truck with his side arm, at which time the suspect stopped and surrendered. The suspect, Chad Neukam, age 39 of Connersville, was not injured by the gunfire. He was transported to Fayette Regional Health Systems for minor injuries received in the crash and for toxicology testing. Early indications are that alcohol may have played a role in the incident.

Neukam is charged with resisting law enforcement as well as possession of marijuana.


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