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One Third of Indiana HS Grads Need Remediation Before College


Indiana's high school graduation rate is at 85-percent, but Bill Stanczykiewicz, the head of the Indiana Youth Institute says about a third of those students need basic remediation before they are ready for normal college course work. 

Stanczykiewicz says the remediation can at times be very basic, helping kids with what amounts to third grade math for most districts. He says "I was at an Ivy Tech campus here in Indiana, I was looking for a meeting, I walked into the wrong room, it was a classroom, and the teacher was teaching three column addition, numbers in the hundreds about four of them stacked on top of each other, three column addition in a post secondary environment, something our elementary students are learning."  Stanczykiewicz, says the state is now putting more focus on college and career readiness in K through 12.

Stanczykiewicz says a lot of students slip through the cracks. He says "We hear the good news about the high school graduation rate, we hear the good news when people do get the post-secondary education they need to get a job in Indiana's economy.  What's often forgotten are these students, about one-third of our high school graduates who need remediation. "

Stanczykiewicz sits on the state's Education Roundtable, and he says the discussions have now turned towards focusing college readiness in K through 12 so students can go through the remediation process before they leave high school.  He says "Ivy Tech reports that there are 40 to 50,000 jobs, open today, right now, if you receive one or two years of education after high school."


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