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Melangton On Indy's 2018 Super Bowl Hosting Chances


Allison Melangton ( photo: Mike Corbin)

Indiana Sports Corporation President Allison Melangton says she's still waiting to hear more about the stadium lights going out at the Super Bowl in New Orleans. She says it was an unfortunate occurrence that can happen at super-sized events like the Super Bowl.


However, Melangton says during Super Bowl 46, Indianapolis had contingency plans for almost anything that might have gone wrong, including the weather. Melangton will again oversee Indianapolis' bid for 2018 hosting duties. Melangton held a media briefing Tuesday. This following her recent Super Bowl visit over the weekend in New Orleans.

Melangton cited Lucas Oil Stadium being named the best stadium in the nation by the NFL's Stadium Journey Magazine. She also says the Circle City's "urban core" or "urban footprint" concept for Super Bowl 46 that included the Super Bowl Legacy Project was a big hit with the NFL in 2012. She says it may put the city in good standing for winning the 2018 bid. She says if the city wins the bid, she'd like to create a special ceremony surrounding the arrival of the Roman numerals that are the centerpiece of the laser light show.

Melangton says come this August, cities seeking 2018 hosting duties will submit applications, they'll be short listed by October and NFL team owners will vote in May 2014. Melangton says this coming May, the 2016 and 2017 Super Bowl Host cities will be named. That's when she'll swing into high gear with Indy's next bid. Melangton says Indianapolis will compete with Tampa, Atlanta, North Texas, Minneapolis and again New Orleans which will be celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2018.

Melangton says San Francisco and Minneapolis will have new stadiums by that time. Finally, Melangton added that during the recent event in New Orleans, she spent much of that time canvassing outside the stadium. She says the NFL has recently put a big emphasis on the accessibility of Super Bowl venues. She wanted to examine how New Orleans managed the Superdome.


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