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Terra Cotta Warriors Coming to Children's Museum


Children's Museum of Indianapolis ( photo: Amber Stearns)

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis used the Chinese New Year Sunday to announce two new exhibits coming to the museum in 2014.

President Jeff Patchett says the museum will be the first children's museum in the world to display 10 "Terra Cotta Warriors" from the tomb of China's first self-proclaimed emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi. The life-size clay warrior and horse figures were first unearthed in the Shaanxi province of China in 1974.

The exhibit, "Terra Cotta Warriors: The Emperor's Painted Army" will feature the warriors and horses as well as 90 other artifacts from the time period of Emperor Qin in 221 B.C., as well as interactive displays and exhibits about the science and the history of the emperor and the warriors.

The warrior exhibit will coincide with a new "Take Me There: China" exhibit about life and traditions in modern day China. Patchett says the exhibit will feature a Chinese marketplace, music, food, and information on China's efforts to save and protect pandas.

Patchett says the research, development and planning of the exhibit has been in the works for over five years. The Chinese government only sends 10 warriors a year to the United States for display and the museum has been on the list for quite some time.


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