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Fewer Weather Sirens Will Be Sounded in Marion County


You know those outdoor sirens you hear during weather emergencies in Marion County?


Indianapolis Homeland Security Chief Gary Coons says you'll probably be hearing them a lot less from now on. Coons says they've formalized new siren protocol. Coons discussed the rules with security officials and local meteorologists Wednesday. He says these days, county residents should only hear the sirens during tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service, haz mat situations or during the possibility of excessive straight lines winds that can take down trees and powerlines.

Coons says they've also adjusted the protocol for which city personnel can report information that alerts the sirens. He says if police officers, firefighters or ems crews spot funnel clouds, they should report them and sirens can be activated. Coons says sirens won't be set off during severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado watches as they were in the past. He says residents were becoming complacent and complained about the frequency of sirens going off. He adds there are 169 sirens across the county. He stresses that outdoor sirens are intended for people to take immediate shelter, not go outside and gawk.


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