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Kokomo Schools to Offer WiFi on School Buses


For what appears to be the first time, a public school district in Indiana will offer WiFi internet access to students on school buses.


Kokomo-Center Schools will soon provide free Wi-Fi cellular Internet access on all school buses, as well as a GPS vehicle tracking system for the school district's bus fleet.  The school district has contracted with a pair of companies for the services - the GPS is expected to be available after Spring Break of the current school year while the school bus WiFi will be installed over the summer and available this fall.

David Barnes with Kokomo-Center Schools says the WiFi was partly the idea of students to give them a chance to get homework done on buses.  He says ome extracurricular clubs and teams will also be able to use it to prepare for competitions and matches, such as debate teams.  The WiFi network will only be accessible on laptops and other devices issued by the school district, which means all internet activity will go through the school system's filter.  Students and others will not be able to access the WiFi on their personal phones, mobile devices or computers.

The GPS system will help the school district keep track of the bus fleet.  Barnes says it will allow the district to notify parents or schools if buses are running late due to road construction or some other issue.


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