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Principal Speaks on Recent Prom Controversy


The principal of Sullivan High School is speaking out about the recent controversy surrounding the school's prom.


The controversy started earlier this month when a teacher at another school said people choose to be gay and homosexuals have no purpose in life.  She and others in Sullivan are supporting a traditional prom which wouldn't allow gays and lesbians. Sullivan High School Principal David Springer says that will not be the case with the school's official prom.  He says their prom and other prom-related activities have always been, and will continue to be, open to every student.

Springer says before every prom, the school has a Grand March where couples are introduced and walk out to a crowd of a couple hundred people.  He says traditionally, the couples have been a boy and girl but this year one girl asked if she could walk with another girl.  He said that was fine and they've always had girls walk together who either didn't have a date or simply wanted to go to the prom with their friends.

Springer says he's received over 300 emails, mainly from people upset thinking the teacher worked for Sullivan High School.  He says he's trying to let them all know that all students are welcome at any school-sponsored extracurricular activity.


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