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HEC Backing Mass Transit Moves


( file photo: Eric Berman)

The Hoosier Environmental Council says mass transit will help push Indiana into a healthy environmental and economic future.


HEC Senior Policy Director Tim Maloney and Executive Director Jesse Kharbanda held a conference call Monday. Maloney says Indiana House Bill 1011 - the mass transit bill - promises energy savings, air quality improvement and a boost in economic development for Indiana. Kharbanda says young people seeking jobs across the nation now consider mass transit and "green communities" top priorities.

Maloney says they want to see mass transit improved and expanded to help attract high paying jobs to the state. Maloney says they'd also like to see state lawmakers maintain the Indiana Department of Natural Resources $164 million annual budget. He says the budget supports voluntary conservation practices that aid water quality. Maloney adds that conservation lands add $9 billion a year to Indiana's economy. Kharbanda says they would also like Indiana Department Emergency Management funding maintained at $25 million per fiscal year.

Kharbanda says one million Hoosiers get their water from wells. He says well water remains vulnerable to contamination. For that reason, he says constant inspection and management remain crucial. In short, HEC says intiatives aimed at keeping Indiana "clean and green" benefit the state economically.


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