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Blood Alcohol Results from Ambulance Crash Expected Soon


The cause of the crash that killed two Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services medics remains under investigation. Charges have yet to be filed, pending the results of a blood test taken from the driver who struck the ambulance. Those results could come back as early as today (Tuesday.)

Captain Dave Bursten with the Indiana State Police says the early indication is that alcohol use and driver inattention led to the crash. Bursten says, "We are waiting for all the facts to come in, but every indication leads us to accommodation of alcohol and driver inattention." He says any amount of alcohol in the blood, even below the legal limit of .08, could be a factor in the crash. Bursten says, "Medically, its documented that at .04 and above, everybody, everybody has cognitive impairment." He says, "If it's something above a .04, but below a .08, it's going to be considered an aggravating circumstance, along with the inattention and other things we've heard reported."

Regardless of the investigation’s outcome, Bursten says the accident reminds all public safety workers that tragedy can happen in an instant.


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