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Winds Topple Trees, Bench at Veterans Memorial Plaza


Veterans Memorial Plaza (Photo courtesy Indiana War Memorial)

At least a dozen trees are damaged at Veterans Memorial Plaza, just north of the Indiana War Memorial.


Brigadier General Stewart Goodwin, director of the Indiana War Memorials, says the heavy wind started at about 8 p.m. Monday night. He says a 200 pound bench was also knocked over. Goodwin says a lot of the globes on the streetlights have blown down, adding to the safety hazards on the streets and sidewalks because of the heavy wind.

Goodwin estimates that at least half of the damaged trees will have to come down. He says "Like everybody else, with the drought last year we have trees that have been very stressed. So my guess is that we probably lost some of those trees because of that dryness, but they've just snapped like toothpicks." Goodwin thinks the trees may also have been weakened by the Emerald Ash Borer infestation. The parasite can weaken and kill trees. 

The Indiana Department of Corrections is putting some manpower behind the effort to clean up the park, especially the sidewalks. Heavy trucks and wood chippers will help to take out most of the tree damage.


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