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Indy National Guard Members Bound For Afghanistan


A group of Hoosier solidiers from Johnson County is heading out for Afghanistan today.


The 619th Agribusiness Development team of the Indiana National Guard will likely be the last agribusiness team from Indiana to travel to Afghanistan. The trip comes as the U.S. continues to pull troops out of the country. The team is taking part in a departure ceremony at the Johnson County Armory at 2 p.m.

Team Commander Maj. Rob Brake says they're a 12-man group that focuses on animal husbandry, horticulture, irrigation, storage distribution and agribusiness education. He says they'll help the people of Afghanistan address those issues in their communities. Brakes says they'll work through the government and help locals come up with best practices.

He says they'll re-educate people about farrming which includes increasing crops, getting crops to market and creating businesses. Brake says this marks the sixth such team from Indiana that's traveling to Afghanistan.


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