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House Passes State Budget


The Indiana House approved a new state budget Monday night.  The two-year, 30-billion spending plan advanced on a 68-28 vote after a marathon day of debating bills ahead of the House’s midnight deadline to send bills to the Senate.

“The budget put forth by the Ways and Means committee indicates Republicans’ priorities of fiscal integrity, education and jobs,” said Rep. Tim Brown. (R-Crawfordsville)  “This budget accomplishes our goals and puts Indiana in the best position to grow and prosper in the years ahead.”

It boosts overall K-12 education spending by 2 percent in its first year and another 1 percent in its second year and puts more aside for a tuition reserve fund.

“The House has led the effort on sustainable spending and responsible revenue management. This budget shows where our focus is, on education and jobs, and we have to look at the long term use of those funds so Indiana can continue to grow,” said Rep. Brown. “Indiana is open for business and Hoosiers are ready to work. Our focus is on growing the private sector and bridging the skills gap. We have a proven track record of being good fiscal stewards, and the House’s budget supports Hoosiers over the long run by giving them the tools they need to realize their American Dream.”

The House Republican budget does not include the top priority on Governor Pence’s first-year legislative agenda - a reduction in Indiana’s individual income tax rate.


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