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Former IPL Leader Takes Over at United Way of Central Indiana


Ann Murtlow

The United Way of Central Indiana will have a new president and CEO in one month, but she has long been established in Indianapolis.

Listen to Ray Steele's interview with Ann Murtlow:

Former Indianapolis Power and Light CEO Ann Murtlow takes over the fundraising organization April 1st. She replaces Ellen Annalla, who is retiring after 23 years with United Way, including 15 as leader of the organization.

Murtlow has a chemical engineering degree from Pennsylvania's Lehigh University, but she says she hasn't put that degree to a lot of use since her first job at Bechtel Power in Washington, D.C. She called herself "an engineer with people skills," and says she prefers working with people and around people, which eventually led her to corporate leadership.

From 2002 until 2011, Murtlow was the head of IPL. After resigning to spend more time with her family, she spent most of the last two years as a part-time consultant.

A native New Yorker, Murtlow says she and her family fell in love with Indianapolis, especially with how she believes the people come together to make life better. She says United Way has long been one of the strongest organizations in the region because of the accountability of its almost 100 member agencies. Murtlow says that helps boost donations, even during slow economic times, because those who give know their money is being used well.



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